Treasure Hunter With Ties To Florida Is On The Run

Tommy Thompson was last seen on the deck of a mansion in Florida, barely clothed.

criminalMore than 20 years ago, he arrived in Virginia with what has been called the most amazing lost treasure in the history of America: thousands of pounds of gold that had been at the bottom of the ocean for more than 100 years. A ship had sunk during a hurricane, and all of that gold was aboard the ship when it sank. He had recovered it.

Hundreds of people cheered his great treasure find. The victory celebration didn’t last too long though.

For the past couple of years, the U.S. Marshals service has hunted him. He skipped a court date where he was supposed to answer for where the treasure had gone. To go from a conquering hero to a big fugitive on the run is a big transition for the treasure hunter.

A U.S. Marshal said that he thought that the man had been planning an escape for a very long time.

Thompson was obsessed with finding the treasure of the sunken SS Central America. He was an oceanic engineer in Ohio, and he convinced 161 people to invest in his search for the ship, and he raised almost $13 million. In 1988, he found the treasure, and he described it as out of this world.

His happiness quickly faded. 39 insurance companies sued him, claiming they had insured the gold and that the gold was their rightful property. However, in 1996, his company was awarded more than 90% of the treasure, and the rest was divided up among the insurers. Just four years later, his company cleared a cool $50 million.

However, his investors still hadn’t been paid, and a couple of them sued.

The fugitive went into seclusion in a mansion, and then he started acting very strangely bizarre. Eventually, he went on the run.

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The Florida GOP Base Is Making One Last Push For Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick ScottGovernor Rick Scott has a big cash advantage, and the recent polls show that Governor Rick Scott is leading. The Florida Republican base on Saturday said that they are concentrated and prepared for the upcoming November election.

The GOP of Florida met together at an expensive Disney World resort. It was a yearly fundraising dinner that also acted as one of the last times the party could get together and commune before the last push starts. The event was a sellout gathering, and it brought in about 800 GOP supporters as well as big lobbyists and donors, including the governor of Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal. There was a massive pep rally right before the final push is going to begin.

Jindal is thinking about running for president in 2016, and the majority of his remarks were kind of like an introduction to Republican voters who were more familiar with potential contenders from the state of Florida. He let the crowd know about his upbringing, while also pointing to President Barack Obama as someone is polarizing, incapable, and tearing away at the American Dream. Jindal even criticized the president’s foreign policy, which entailed his response to ISIS.

Even though the state of Florida has a Republic governor, it has voted for Obama in the last two elections. It is a decided swing state.

Scott, at the event, said that Crist had turned the state into a mess, and that there was big victory ahead for the GOP. He also said that they were far ahead of what anyone else has ever done in the state because everyone was so passionate about the economy.

Governor Rick Scott has a lot of support from the Florida GOP base going into the November election now.