Important Pool Safety Tips To Follow

Swimming Pool Safety

pool safetyIt doesn’t matter whether you’re a child going swimming for the first time or if you’re a “young at heart” adult celebrating your fiftieth birthday by having friends over for a pool party. The fact is, everyone should abide by certain safety rules when it comes to swimming and/or playing near a pool area. Millions of people are injured each year in pool-related accidents, and sadly most of them could have been avoided by simply following certain precautions. If you have children, safeguard them (and yourself) by evaluating and providing your swimming area with these very important safety features.

Below are important safety recommendations provided courtesy of Cape Coral pool service company Bay Area Pool Services.

  1. Pool fence. Protect your children, and their friends, by installing a fence around your pool, at least four to five feet in height.
  2. Pool covers. If your swimming pool isn’t being used, then make sure you keep it covered by purchasing either a manual cover or an automatic one. This will protect small children from drowning, and most covers can withstand a heavy weight capacity, should the instance occur where an adult or large animal accidentally falls on top of it.
  3. Drain covers. Most people don’t consider it, but young children can quickly get caught in the powerful suction of a large pool drain, so avoid potential drowning accidents by installing a drain cover. They aren’t very expensive and they come in a variety of colors and designs to chose from.
  4. CPR certification. Everyone, especially pool owners, should be certified in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. Most hospitals and the Red Cross offer CPR classes for all ages, so get on the phone and find out when the next class will be held in your area and sign up for it. Don’t forget to sign up your spouse and children also!
  5. Slip-proof protection. Most pool accidents occur after someone slips on the surface around a swimming pool and falls in the water or hits their head on the concrete area surrounding it. Many pool supply specialists offer slip-resistant products that can be sprayed on the concrete to safeguard against these untimely accidents. Call your local pool company for more information.
  6. Safety signs. Contact a printing company about creating a sign for your pool with detailed safety instructions for your children and visitors. Attach it to your pool fence where it’s clearly visible to all who enter the area. You can also have stickers made to place on the concrete surrounding your pool, such as “No Diving” signs for the shallow end and “No Running” signs for the entire area.
  7. Adult supervision. This should be common knowledge if you have children, but you would be amazed at the number of adults who leave their kids unsupervised around dangerous swimming areas. You owe it to your children to closely monitor them whenever they are near a pool, and this goes for any other children who might be visiting. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, so NEVER leave a child unsupervised if there is a pool anywhere in the vicinity.

Five tips to make moving easier

Just like with anything else in life, there are always two ways to do things. The first way is to do things the easy way. The second way is to do things the hard way. Guess which way people do things? Most people do things the hard way because for the most part they don’t give themselves the time and the preparation to know how to do things more efficiently, cheaply and faster.

If you’re serious about making your move easier, here are five tips you can wrap your mind around so you can avoid the unnecessary hassle, expense and drama of bad moving practices courtesy of residential moving company Christos and Christos.

Figure out the stuff you can do on your own

If you’re really concerned about saving money, I don’t blame you. In this economy, it’s a good idea to save as many dollars as you can and the first step to doing this as far as moving is concerned is to figure out the stuff you can do on your own. Believe it or not, there’s a lot of stuff that you can do on your own. At the very least you can pack your own stuff. At the very least, you can label your stuff; you can put your stuff in boxes. That’s the very least that you can do.

However, this is not always possible because there is certain specialty equipment or materials that your home or office might have that require special handling. In such a case, it’s a good idea to get professional service providers to take care of such items.

Outsource the rest to professionals

The key to this tip is the word “professionals.” You must work with professionals. You must work with people that know what they are doing. You must work with people with a solid track record. Most importantly, you must work with people that do things in a methodical and a systematic way.

At the very least, refuse to do business who just happens to have a van. That’s not going to help you that much. If anything, you might just be setting yourself up for a nasty disappointment later on. Always focus on getting the best services from real professionals.

Spell out special instructions ahead of time

When you’re moving stuff, there are all sorts of stuff that the mover might not be aware of. Make sure that you are clear as to which items need to be moved with special instructions. If you don’t communicate this information with the moving professional that you contract with, chances are something will go wrong. If that happens, you only have yourself to blame.

Make sure you spell out special instructions ahead of time. A service provide can’t give you special services if you don’t communicate that you need such special services.

Decide if you need to insure your stuff

Depending on the kind of stuff you’re moving, it might be a good idea to get a special insurance. There are many insurance packages for people moving materials from point A to point B. While such insurance is not going to give you the full value of the things you lose, at the very least, it gives you some minimal level of peace of mind.

See if you can ship some materials ahead of time

If you truly want to save time and effort on your end, you might want to start the moving process several weeks in advance and get a lot of moving boxes. With that extra time, you might want to pack the low-hanging fruits and other obvious materials that you can move quite easily. You can use FedEx or UPS to move your stuff.

By shipping materials ahead of time, you take a lot of pressure off the formal moving period and you make things easier for yourself. Of course, these costs quite a bit of money and most Americans might not have this luxury available to them but if you are able to ship your materials ahead of time, do so.

Hiring Workers’ Comp Attorney in Florida

Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

Looking for workers compensation attorneys can be a daunting task especially if you are doing this for the first time. In order to ensure that you get the best, you need to have knowledge on some of the things to look for in order to filter the many attorneys in the market and get the one that suits your particular needs. These are the steps I took before hiring the attorneys at Catania and Catania in Tampa Bay.

Some of the factors you need to consider include the number of years he or she has provided similar legal services, the reputation the lawyer has, how the attorney relates with clients and his or her field of specialization. This article provides you a guide on how to ensure that you select the attorney.

Carry out research

The first step involved in the selection process, is to find out whether a certain lawyer generally represents the employer, employee or an insurance company. It is unethical for a lawyer to be representing both employees and employers in his or her practice.

Many attorneys who represent employers, however also work for the employer’s insurance firms. The good thing is that there are many lawyers who represent employees, than those representing insurance firms and employers. Therefore, it will not be hard to get one when claiming for compensation.

Get a copy of retainer agreement

It is important to ask your potential workers compensation attorneys for a copy of the retainer agreement. In most cases, a good attorney will sit down with you and make a review of the agreement. There are laws that set how much a worker’s compensation lawyer should get if he or she wins the case. There is also an amount that the lawyer should collect if the case is completed without going for full trial. In addition some other costs that may be included in the total cost in the agreement include photocopies, medical records, legal research, expert witnesses and court reporters.

Check the experience and reputation

You need to work with an attorney with several years of experience dealing with similar cases. The lawyer must have worked in the worker’s compensation field for more than five years for you to be assured of getting high quality legal services. With the many years of experience, it will be possible for a lawyer to apply the knowledge gained to ensure you get the best results from your case.

In addition to experience, ensure that you work with only a lawyer with a good name among the clients. This will also ensure that you do not face problems when you work with the lawyer and also help you develop a cordial working relationship. Get recommendations from friends, relatives and other clients with knowledge on some of the good lawyers in the market. A good lawyer should be in a good standing with his or her local bar association too.

Search information online

Looking for information online is another great way to get a good attorney. For instance, you can check your potential lawyer website if he or she has one. Check the reviews provided by different clients to find out the feedback they provided on the quality of services they received. Always go for workers compensation attorneys with more positive reviews from their clients.

The Lifespan of a Retractable Awning

How long do retractable awnings typically last for in Florida?

Longevity for retractable awnings in Florida really depends on several factors used in the manufacture of these shade devices. While lower quality materials and processes can stand up to many years of use in a climate less harsh than Florida’s, the blazing sun and an element of corrosive salt in the Florida air requires that the awnings be of a higher standard.

retractable awning

So what are we talking about when we want a durable retractable awning for Florida? And how long will it typically last here? According to Shade and Privacy, a popular awning company in Orlando, it really all comes down to the choices of materials used in the manufacturing process with a good amount of care and maintenance during the lifetime of the retractable awning.

Typically, most problems first start to show up in the covering that is used for the awning. Also, any moving parts for the retractable mechanism might not last too long if they are not engineered for the sun, rain and corrosive elements.

Things to look for in choosing a retractable awning that will last for a long time in Florida are a heavy, durable and anti-UV rated covering that has a warranty of at least five years. With good care and annual cleaning this product can last even longer, plus there are companies that have coverings that they promise will last for ten years, which means with proper maintenance they will most likely last even longer.

These days the material used for the covering of a retractable awning is made to be rot resistant, mold and mildew resistant and should also be made in such a way as to be able to hold its color and design (if it has any, such as stripes) without fading from the harshness of the tropical sun.

If after five years or so it starts to show some wear or fading, it might be time to replace it, as this is about the typical amount of time that it can last in Florida. One of the important things you can do to help with the longevity of the awning is to take it down during the winter months if possible.

The other factor in a retractable awning is the support structure and perhaps the motorized parts if it has these. Typically, good quality galvanized or double-powder coated steel parts, or very well made and heavy aluminum support structure, this should last a lifetime even in the harshness of the Florida environment. Low-end products will start to show rust and corrosion in a very short time and perhaps even failure if they really are not engineered well enough to avoid this.

This is an area where you really do get what you pay for. If you are interested in getting a product that will be trouble free for a very long time it will most likely be worth to pay the extra cost. There are many cases of low-end retractable awnings that will have problems or even failure within a year or less if they are not made well enough to stand up to regular usage and the climate of the Florida area. 

How to Troubleshoot Low Water Pressure

It could be water friction, or it could be blockage. At any rate, many things can cause low water pressure, from simple things like the shut-off valve being left unopened or a clogged pipe. Knowing what to do about this problem now would be a great help in reducing potential difficulties that could lead to serious plumbing repairs in the near future. Below is an instructional on how to troubleshoot low water pressure for plumbing courtesy of Scotto’s Plumbing in Clearwater.

Step 1: Check all locations in your home whether they have high or low water pressure. Usual suspects would be plumbing in the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor hydrant, outdoor tap and the like.

Step 2: Check the faucet if you only have low water pressure in a particular location, such as the bathroom. Remove the end of the tap and turn on the water. If the water flow is normal then the faucet isn’t the problem. Examine the aerator as well for any pressure drop; clean it and replace the aerator.

Step 3: Examine the hot water heater if low water pressure only affects your hot water. Verify if the shut-off valve is turned on. If the valve becomes turned slightly, it can reduce your water pressure in your plumbing.

Step 4: Look at the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). The PRV is usually located on the line where it enters the home. It is shaped like a bell, so it’s easy to identify. Adjust it to see whether it affects water pressure or not. If it is broken, replacement is necessary.

Step 5: Inspect the shut-off valve at the water meter. If it is turned slightly, then low water pressure may result.

Step 6: Replace plumbing in your home. Depending on the severity of the water pressure, it is best to locate for the faulty piping and replace it. If it is an old house, it is best to replace all the pipes since there might be clogs and sedimentation occurring within the piping. This is necessary to return the water pressure back to normal.

Step 7: Scrutinize whether you have a water leak in your house or not. Ask your neighbors if they have water pressure issues, too. If they do, then there might be a leak in the lines. Report this immediately to your local water department for prompt assistance in plumbing repairs.

Also, check your outdoor lines for leaks. Also, check your water meter. If it is considerably more than your usual water usage, it is likely you have a leak. Call a plumber for repairs.

Step 8: Be attentive to when your water pressure fluctuates. Normally water pressure decreases during peak hours of usage, like say in the mornings and early evenings when people get home. If this is the case, then you can do little about it. However, if after peak hours the water pressure is still low, then you seriously need to look into proper plumbing repairs. A professional will help sort out your problem, and the earlier it is fixed the better off you are.

Pool Repair Specialists

After many years of use, a swimming pool’s parts can wear out. Your pool can be damaged by the forces of nature, accidents or rough and unnecessary use. As it is, swimming pool repair is often the most overlooked part of pool maintenance. You don’t have to worry though, because if you have any pool service concern in Florida, then you can contact our swimming pool repair company. With decades of experience in the business, we are arguably the best in what we do.

Swimming Pool Repairs
pool repairsFrom simple filter repairs to complete vinyl replacement, our company can do the job right every time. We have a complete line of Pompano Beach pool services so that you don’t have to worry about anything. And everything will be done by a professional team of certified pool technicians who have the expertise and the technology to get the job done. They will do a thorough study of your pool and give sound advice so that you will have educated decisions on how to go about the servicing and maintenance of your pool.

Our common pool repairs include the following:

  • Replacing a swimming pool liner
    Replacing or repairing a pool heater
    Replacing or repairing a pool filter
    Replacing or repairing a pool pump
    Concrete pool repair
    Fiberglass pool repair
    Vinyl pool repair
    Fixing broken pool tiles

Pool maintenance/restoration

Not all old pools need repair. Instead, it’s actually better to have a pool restoration or pool remodeling done. This is ideal if you want to upgrade or transform your old swimming pool’s looks. Normal pool restoration jobs include tile replacement, making your pool shallower, or adding/reducing stone decking around your pool. We can also help restore the old sheen and shine of your pools. Furthermore, we can even re-design your front or backyard to fit your novel ideas.

Hiring a Process Server

Hiring a process server for my law office.

act of process servingI was admitted to the Bar around six years ago and started my legal career by working in a law firm. The firm had all the things that one would ordinarily find in a law firm including legal personnel. The office had a very efficient procedure when handling paper documents that came from the court and from opposing counsels. The firm’s procedures made it sure that all legal documents reach the proper parties on time and without delay.

Process servers in Orlando are those who serve court processes to the adverse party. The service of process is not just any legal requirement but is more of a constitutional requirement. Each party to an action has to the right to be informed of all matters pertaining to a case that the other party may file in court. The right to be informed is basically a right to due process and any decision or order that the court may issue without complying with this constitutional requirement is considered void and without legal effect. A party who has not been properly served with legal papers can have the case dismissed. These are some of the reasons why process servers are vital for any law firm or lawyer.

When I started my own law office a couple of years ago, finding my own process was very challenging. I started with eviction summons and document retrievals for small companies. Any person could serve as my messenger but the problem is that not all messengers can qualify as process servers. I had to find someone who could ensure that all my pleadings were properly received by the concerned parties. It was a good thing though that after several weeks of searching for the right process server, I finally came across one through the internet. I came across a company that was training and providing people to act as process servers for various lawyers and law firms.

I was so glad I came across the company because not only did I have an efficient proper server but I also was able to save on expenses. Hiring the services of a process server from the said company was in fact cheaper than maintaining my own process server since I did not have that many cases to handle in the first place. The process server was on call but could make himself available anytime which was very convenient on my part. With a process server that I can hire from the company only when I needed one, I see no need in maintaining my own process server.

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Cartoning and Casepacking Manufacturer

With many decades of experience in the business, our company rolls out arguably the best cartoning machines and casepacking equipment in the world today. In fact, our products are now being used by countless small and medium-scale industries worldwide, including food, medical, industrial and household products. If you are looking for a superior cartoning machine or casepacking equipment, you have come to the right place.

Our Product Line

We have a variety of products that will suit every specification, including Pick-a-Carton, Horizontal Cartoning, Vertical Cartoning, Casepacking equipment, Tray-style Cartoning and Automatic Product Loading. All of these products are built tough, and they will withstand the daily grind of every day industrial use. If your business is low to medium in volume output, our equipment is the most ideal to suit your needs, as they are not only robust and efficient, but they also are compact to fit into just about any production area, saving you precious space that can be used for other purposes.

Product Features
Of course there are other companies out there that produce cartoning machines. The difference lies with reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use. All our products are made to make your business easier to manage, and every equipment that we produce has features not simply found in the competitor’s products. For instance, all our cartoning machines accommodate both paperboard and corrugated cartons. This is indispensable since your business can switch between any of the two materials anytime depending on your preferred needs.

All our machines are very easy to maintain. Since we engineered our equipment to have as little moving parts as possible, reliability is increased, therefore productivity is also increased. No more worries about labor costs and downtime that eats away at your profits. And when maintenance is needed, our cartoning machines and casepacking equipment are so straightforward to maintain that even the line operator can do the job. This saves tons of time and means more productivity for your business. Also, our casepacking and cartoning machines have easy applications for changing size and type of cartons. No need to buy additional equipment for different carton types, as our amazing machines will do different sizes and carton types. Finally, all our cartoning machines are compact and robustly made, so not only do they take little space from your production floor, but they will also run like clockwork.

Different Equipment for Different Needs
Whether your business produces 600 cartons an hour or as much as 6000, we have the right carton machine for you. We also have different types of casepacking equipment, with basic models being able to handle 600 cartons an hour to our top-of-the-line equipment that can pack up to 1200 cartons an hour.

As you can see our machines have all the advantages that no other company can boast about. So if you are looking for a cartoning machine or casepacking equipment, come to us and we will deliver in spades. This is a guarantee and one which we will surely follow down to the letter.

For more information visit

Treasure Hunter With Ties To Florida Is On The Run

Tommy Thompson was last seen on the deck of a mansion in Florida, barely clothed.

criminalMore than 20 years ago, he arrived in Virginia with what has been called the most amazing lost treasure in the history of America: thousands of pounds of gold that had been at the bottom of the ocean for more than 100 years. A ship had sunk during a hurricane, and all of that gold was aboard the ship when it sank. He had recovered it.

Hundreds of people cheered his great treasure find. The victory celebration didn’t last too long though.

For the past couple of years, the U.S. Marshals service has hunted him. He skipped a court date where he was supposed to answer for where the treasure had gone. To go from a conquering hero to a big fugitive on the run is a big transition for the treasure hunter.

A U.S. Marshal said that he thought that the man had been planning an escape for a very long time.

Thompson was obsessed with finding the treasure of the sunken SS Central America. He was an oceanic engineer in Ohio, and he convinced 161 people to invest in his search for the ship, and he raised almost $13 million. In 1988, he found the treasure, and he described it as out of this world.

His happiness quickly faded. 39 insurance companies sued him, claiming they had insured the gold and that the gold was their rightful property. However, in 1996, his company was awarded more than 90% of the treasure, and the rest was divided up among the insurers. Just four years later, his company cleared a cool $50 million.

However, his investors still hadn’t been paid, and a couple of them sued.

The fugitive went into seclusion in a mansion, and then he started acting very strangely bizarre. Eventually, he went on the run.

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The Florida GOP Base Is Making One Last Push For Governor Rick Scott

Governor Rick ScottGovernor Rick Scott has a big cash advantage, and the recent polls show that Governor Rick Scott is leading. The Florida Republican base on Saturday said that they are concentrated and prepared for the upcoming November election.

The GOP of Florida met together at an expensive Disney World resort. It was a yearly fundraising dinner that also acted as one of the last times the party could get together and commune before the last push starts. The event was a sellout gathering, and it brought in about 800 GOP supporters as well as big lobbyists and donors, including the governor of Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal. There was a massive pep rally right before the final push is going to begin.

Jindal is thinking about running for president in 2016, and the majority of his remarks were kind of like an introduction to Republican voters who were more familiar with potential contenders from the state of Florida. He let the crowd know about his upbringing, while also pointing to President Barack Obama as someone is polarizing, incapable, and tearing away at the American Dream. Jindal even criticized the president’s foreign policy, which entailed his response to ISIS.

Even though the state of Florida has a Republic governor, it has voted for Obama in the last two elections. It is a decided swing state.

Scott, at the event, said that Crist had turned the state into a mess, and that there was big victory ahead for the GOP. He also said that they were far ahead of what anyone else has ever done in the state because everyone was so passionate about the economy.

Governor Rick Scott has a lot of support from the Florida GOP base going into the November election now.