Are You Up-to-Date on E-Commerce Laws?

E-Commerce LawsIt may seem like a distant memory, but there was a time in the past when all goods needed to be bought and sold from physical locations. Today, the Internet has become a lifeline for most businesses, as customers shop more and more from the comfort of their own home. This means that e-commerce laws have significantly developed in just the last decade says Alla Zagrebelsky, a Tampa business attorney. If you are part of an ecommerce business, it’s vital that you stay current with the latest e-commerce law chances to avoid any legal trouble down the road.

Sales Tax
Tax, or no tax, and how much? The state of Delaware may be famously tax-free, but not many others are. How do you dictate sales tax, assuming that your customer is from Texas but your company is based in Connecticut? The answer lies in the organization of your company. If you have a physical presence in the state where your customer is located, then the sales tax of that state must apply. However, if your company does not have a physical location in the state from which your customer is ordering, the customer pays no tax.

Congress and state governments are currently trying to determine how tax should be handled on the Internet moving forward. The last decision was made in 1992, so it’s only a matter of time before the rules of the game change once again.

Electronic Signatures and Contracts
When a customer buys something in a store with a credit or debit card, he either must enter his PIN number or sign his name on the receipt. This is done for the sake of preventing identity theft and fraud, but again, the Internet changes those capabilities. In 2000, electronic contracts became a legally acceptable way of replacing handwritten signatures during online transactions. Known as an e-signature, this method saves businesses a great deal of money and helps streamline purchases significantly.

The other laws involved in e-commerce are nearly limitless, so it’s best to contact an ecommerce internet lawyer in this area of expertise to ensure your company is not unknowingly committing illegal e-commerce infractions.

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Don’t Shrug Off Dangerous Drug Interactions

drug lawThe pharmaceutical industry has experienced exponential growth in the last 20 years, resulting in a nearly limitless variety of medications and pills available for just about any medical malady imaginable. While this progress is definitely positive in the sense that illnesses previously deemed deadly now have strong recovery rates, pharmaceutical growth also has a negative side. Florida lawyers have gotten involved and the crisis continues to escalate nationwide.

Consumers trust pharmaceutical companies by putting their health and wellbeing in the hands of medical companies, doctors, and pharmacists. But frequent medicine recalls and extensive lists of side effects are more than concerning. Many of today’s drugs have the potential to be dangerous, especially mixed with other drugs.

When the wrong drugs interact with each other, negative and potentially deadly side effects result. Believe it or not, the FDA reports that adverse drug reactions kill three times as many people as car accidents each year. With a large portion of the population taking more than one type of medication each day, adverse drug reactions are a growing problem. Drug makers, the FDA, doctors, and pharmacies have a responsibility to educate and warn of any potential drug interactions with every medication sold, but that doesn’t always stop the damage from occurring.

When a patient is prescribed a medication that interacts negatively with another medication being taken, or when the medicine is mislabeled and doesn’t properly inform of potential drug interactions, those to blame can be held responsible. Anyone in the chain of command who played a role in the mistake, from the drug manufacturer to the pharmacist, can be sued for medical malpractice.

A criminal defense attorney in Tampa is the best person to analyze the situation and determine if a lawsuit would prove beneficial. People can minimize their risk of falling victim to dangerous drug interactions by using the pharmacy for all prescriptions, carefully reading labels, and doing independent research about simultaneous medications before taking them.  

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Is Debt Restructuring Right For You?

debtDebt is the real D-word. Most of us fall into the debt trap at least once in our lives. Debt can occur on all levels, from owing $1,000 on a credit card to owing $35,000 on your car payments. When someone—whether a bank, friend, investor, or government agency—loans you money that must be paid back, it’s a debt.

The most common forms of debt in America are usually credit card debt, car loan debt, and mortgage debt. In these situations, money is meant to be paid back in installments over a certain number of years. However, if you have accrued so much debt that your finances are stifled by monthly payments and you can’t seem to make ends meet, debt restricting might be the best way for you to turn.

What is Debt Restructuring?

Debt restructuring is a debt relief option that involves taking a new loan to pay off a variety of creditors at once, and then paying just that new loan off in installments. This is a smart system in the sense that it allows you to clear away existing debt, eliminate multiple monthly payments, and ideally pay a lower interest rate on the remaining debt.

Are there Problems with Debt Restructuring?

Unfortunately, yes. Any time money—and a lack thereof—comes into the equation, there is always a downside. Most people with excessive debt are desperate to get themselves out of hot water and are willing to make a deal with the devil in order to achieve temporary relief. This leads to a few common pitfalls.

First, don’t just focus on the monthly payment of the new restructured debt payment. Look at the overall cost of the loan. Most debt restructuring companies will take advantage of your situation and charge unbelievable interest fees while extending the life of the loan in order to earn more from you in the end.

Second, don’t forget to shop around. Never sign loan papers the same day that you apply for a loan; look around, use online resources, and find the deal that will give you the best restructuring deal.

Since this is a complicated process, it’s even better to find a bankruptcy lawyer who can walk you through it step by step and make sure you don’t end up in a restructure that will hurt you even more.

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torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figures

Things To Look For When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

When it comes to needing legal representation regarding divorce, hiring a lawyer is something that has to be taken with a lot of seriousness if one is to win a case. However with so many attorneys who claim to give the best services, using some kind of criteria to narrow down the pool of divorce attorneys should be used.

1. Credentials

Without a doubt credentials should be the first thing one should look for. This is for the simple reason that elimination can be done easily for those who lack the expertise. This also enables one to be able to judge on the competence and overall appropriateness of the candidates to the case. 2. Experience

The experience of the lawyer is one of most important things to look for besides credentials. This comes in handy as with each case represented, more knowledge is gained that will help with the next case. In the long run with most who have been in the legal system for a few years, interpretation and steps to take becomes easier for them. This helps anyone seeking legal advice to be more comfortable during the whole process.

3. Client testimonials

Past clients come in handy as not only will one be able to learn more about the selected candidates in question, but also establish their track record. In this case based on real past clients one is able to gauge on exactly what they will be getting, in the end when it comes to consultations it will be like talking to an old acquaintance.

divorce investigation

4. Compatibility

After doing all the research and finally selecting one divorce lawyer, being comfortable is a must. In this case during the consultation if one feels they are unable to communicate well, finding another legal representative should be done. This should also apply in cases that the attorney does not want to listen to the client concerns.

5. Availability of lawyer

Divorce cases are usually very stressing and complicated to every client. In this regard when choosing a divorce lawyer finding one that will be able to see clients on a short period of time is Key. This way when one gets new information on the case, passing it on is quick and easy.

6. Gender, age, race and religion

Regardless of the fact that all these do not in any way compare with the ability of the divorce lawyer, gauging on such is important for every client. If one feels like the religion gender or age difference will in a way hinder them from communicating well, getting an attorney that fits their criteria is best.

7. Charges applicable

Getting a good divorce lawyer is important especially in a complicated case. This is for the simple reason that getting back on one’s feet after the divorce should be thought of. In this case by looking at the credentials, experience and fees charges, one should stick to affordable representation. It is good to note that many lawyers in prestigious locations often pass the rent fees to their clients, thus the need to investigate if the fee applicable is fair enough.

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